AAG joins United Real Estate as approved mortgage lender

by Anna Sobrevinas24 Feb 2017

American Advisors Group has been tapped by United Real Estate as an approved reverse mortgage lender, according to a news release.

AAG will educate agents of United Real Estate, a division of the United Real Estate Group, on reverse mortgage loans for its qualified customers.

“We’re proud to work with United Real Estate’s agents to deepen their knowledge about this critical product specifically designed for their senior clients’ needs,” said Jesse Allen, senior vice president of the national field sales team at AAG. “AAG will provide United with our comprehensive product training and support resources, helping them personalize the senior purchase experience.”

AAG will join United’s annual convention in Texas next month.

“We look forward to introducing AAG to our agents at the United annual convention next month and to kicking off their reverse mortgage education,” said Peter Giese, president at United. “More than 43% of our selling clients are baby boomers. It’s critical to our growth, and to our ability to serve this large segment, that we are able to share the available tools to assist them through their real estate decisions-making process.”

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