A Big "Thank You!!"

by 07 Mar 2010

Not too often does one find in their business circles something that is unique and different. Something that sets a new standard in the way information and news is spread. Well, I would like to bring to your attention two gentlemen at TBWS (Think Big, Work Small), Frank Garay and Brian Stevens. I found out about them because someone (to this day I don?t know who) sent me an email with a link to their daily show. From the first show I was ?hooked?. I would describe them as entertaining, insightful, interesting and of course comical. Don?t be fooled by their hilarious antics or comedic slide shows. Underneath it all, they present a wonderful 6 to 7 minute web video of cutting edge news all pertaining to the area of real estate, finance and banking. But the real deal here is how their blog is so well connected to the heart beat of the everyday mortgage Broker, Realtor and Appraiser. It is in TBWS?s blog that professionals can not only vent their current demise, but also partner with others across the nation to find solutions. As an appraiser, TBWS?s blog as well as their daily show has been a source of information in regards to new laws and regulations and how they will affect me not only as an appraiser but as a consumer. I have also been able to partner up with other appraisers to seek support and ideas on how to survive in this challenging and ever changing market. Frank and Brian last year personally flew to New York, to visit the office of the Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and present to Mr. Cuomo a petition with over 119,000 signatures from people across the U.S. The signatures were a representation of real estate professionals (Brokers, Realtors and Appraisers) who wished to put an end to HVCC (Home Valuation Code of Conduct). And since then, Frank and Brian have kept us in the loop in regards to what is happening to HVCC. So I wish to extend a hearty THANK YOU!! to Frank Garay and Brian Stevens! My voice, as well as the voice of my fellow appraisers across the United States would not have been heard if not for you. Your continued support is greatly appreciated! Sincerely, Lamarr Banks


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