2016 election: Which candidate do mortgage pros prefer?

by Ryan Smith07 Nov 2016
Mortgage professionals overwhelmingly prefer the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency to that of a Clinton Administration, an MPA survey shows.

MPA recently surveyed hundreds of mortgage pros about their preferences in the presidential election. Of those, nearly two thirds – 65.63% – said they were pulling for Trump to win the presidency. Only 21.88% said they were hoping for a Clinton win. 12.5% said they didn’t like either candidate.

Trump supporters tended to focus on his business experience as a positive – and on Clinton’s baggage from a career in politics as a negative for her.

“Mrs. Clinton is a criminal and should be in jail. I don’t know why we, as a country, have allowed her to be selected as a candidate at all,” wrote one. “Although Mr. Trump is rough, he is a successful businessman. He can’t possibly do any worse than what we have now.”

“He believes that less government involvement and regulation (micromanagement) is better,” wrote another. “I agree.”

“Hopefully he will repeal TRID and Dodd-Frank,” wrote a third Trump supporter. “Along with Obama Care (sic). Way to much Gov. Control (sic), waste and regulation.”

A common theme among Trump supporters was Clinton’s supposed crimes (she has been investigated a number of times, but never charged with any criminal offenses).

“Clinton needs to be in prison,” wrote a Trump supporter. “I trust Donald Trump to make our country great again. She is the worst presidential candidate EVER!!!”

Clinton supporters, meanwhile, tended to focus more on Trump’s perceived shortcomings than on Clinton’s strengths.

“Trump wants too much deregulation too soon,” one Clinton supporter wrote.

“Trump would be a disaster for the country, and all businesses,” another wrote.

“They are both liars,” wrote one mortgage pro who picked Clinton. “He’s a larger liar and a pervert.”

Meanwhile, a small but significant portion said they didn’t support either candidate, finding both too repellant for the presidency.

“Hillary is a pandering politician and Donald is basically intellectually unfit to run this country,” wrote one.

“Trump represents the worst of America through arrogance, racism and misogyny,” another wrote. “Clinton is a criminal that has gamed the system and flip-flopped on every issue under the sun to get elected. Either way, the world looks at these two as a joke, and (Russian President Vladimir) Putin can push both of them into a war.”


  • by Honesty | 11/7/2016 1:17:28 PM

    Both campaigns have been a joke. I haven't heard any real input regarding either of their plans to execute the current initiatives in place or their strategies to implement change. I know Hilary should be in jail, and Donald assaulted women. Frankly, neither are relevant at this point. Let's face it, all we care about is someone to keep rates low and to continue opening up new mortgage programs so we can make money. Whichever candidate agrees with us, we want them!

  • by One Concerned | 11/7/2016 1:30:51 PM

    Yes Donald Trump wants a wall to slow the influx to this country, and yes he does want to screen immigrants much closer than we are now doing. He also wants to stop or slow down the exodus of our manufactures and company's that support our way of life in this Great Country. If we let Hillary appoint the Supreme Court Justices you are Electing a Criminal to appointing her Judge. Think about that for a minute. We do have a right to vote and we need to look at all sides before we cast our ballots. The Supreme Court can change America and re-write our Constitution that has worked for 240 years. Lets stand up and not let this happen. This election is worth your vote as many good men and women have fought and died to protect it, and what it stands for. Our Country One Nation Under God, Undivided, and strong.;

  • by JIM P | 11/7/2016 1:35:12 PM

    Both campaigns are not a joke and I feel the next 20 years are in the balance. Hillary can't be trusted. Her party knows that and the FBI knows that. She fraterizes with the enemy of our country's values: like Honest, loyalty, integrity. even what most would consider as motherhood. She has none of these. And, without a position to work from, rates won't matter to the new world order the left wants to shackle our country with.


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