Family is a privilege: The key to work-life balance

by MPA17 Jun 2016

On the June 13 episode of my Lykken on Lending podcast, my cohosts and I had the opportunity to discuss the subject of work-life balance with mortgage industry legal expert Mitch Kider and his three grown sons. Trying to juggle the demands of the workplace with the responsibilities of family life is a difficult thing to do. So, how did Mitch pull it off?

In our conversation, one of the things that Mitch really emphasized was this: family is a privilege. Mitch's grandparents had been holocaust survivors and most of their family had been lost in that tragedy. Growing up with this in his family history, Mitch always understood that family was never something to be taken for granted. And as they grew, his sons naturally adopted the same set of values.

Many of us in the mortgage industry struggle with how to build successful careers while still paying attention to our families. And, when it comes down to the nitty gritty, tough choices sometimes do need to be made. But, if there is a secret, it is this: recognizing that having a family is a privilege and an honor not to be taken for granted. There are many who don't have families -- whose families are taken from them. If we always keep this truth fresh in our minds, we should have no problem finding the time and energy to cherish those we love.


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