Anthony Hong

The art of getting into broker warfare

A year after his transition from banker to broker, Anthony Hong reflects on his survival strategy

"Best decision I have ever made"

In his final chapter, Anthony Hong looks back on why a career change into broking has been the right choice

"I thought it would be rainbows and lollipops but just with less colours"

In chapter nine, Anthony Hong explains how he deals with exceptions and more information requests from the banks.

Would I lend my money?

In chapter eight, Anthony Hong explains why he asks himself for each client, 'do I know this person well enough to lend them my money?’

MPA's newsletter is changing

A guide to your improved and expanded newsletter, which starts on Monday

The importance of speed of service

In chapter seven, Anthony Hong explains the value in brokers being first to update clients on market changes

My road to becoming a lead generating monster

In chapter six, Anthony Hong explains the different ways he has generated leads so far.

An application that took 20 shots of espresso to get through

In chapter five, Anthony Hong reflects on lessons learned during a particularly difficult application.

Chapter four with Anthony Hong: Cross selling vs referring

In his fourth chapter, Anthony Hong talks building a circle of influence and trust along with it.

Chapter three with Anthony Hong: Continuous learning

In his third chapter, Anthony Hong explains he has never stopped learning because the industry never stops teaching