Young Scots clamour to vote

There were 18,276 more registrations from young people on the latest roll, while in total 54,813 more Scots registered to vote in the latest annual canvass, an increase of 1.1%.

Jonathan Westley, managing director of consumer information services at Experian UK and Ireland, said: “The increased voter registrations in Scotland particularly could be related to the forthcoming referendum, including the lowering of the minimum voting age.

“However, being able to vote is not the only benefit of being on the electoral roll. It forms a vital part of the information that providers use to help them make responsible and safe decisions about who to extend their services to.”

The highest increase in Scottish voter registrations in came in Gordon, at 3.4%, and Dundee and Lothian, both at 3.2%.

Wales also saw 10.2% more youngsters signing up to vote for the first time, while England saw a 2.9% increase.

In England by far the biggest increase in voting registrations by region came in Tower Hamlets, which saw 11.4% more registrations than last year, representing 18,453 more voters.

Nearly 47.5 million people are registered to vote around the UK, 0.8% more than the year before.