YBS offers cashback for FTBs

The new products include a 2.79% 3-year fixed rate at 75% loan to value and a 3.94% 2-year fixed rate at 90% LTV both with a £995 fee.

And a 4.19% 2-year fixed rate at 85% LTV for first-time buyers with no fee, £1,000 cashback on completion and a free valuation.

Chris Smith, Yorkshire Building Society’s direct mortgage manager, said: “By offering £1,000 cashback we are giving first-time buyers real support towards the cost of getting on the property ladder.

“Thanks to our range of competitive mortgages and the personal service we provide we have seen the number of first-time buyer mortgages provided increase by about a third this year.”

Offset alternatives are available for each of the products and are priced 0.20% higher than the non-offset equivalents.