TotallyMoney launches rate predictor

The service uses the average of the lowest 50 mortgage rates in the market as a baseline and then canvasses a wide range of views from industry experts and commentators.

All this data is then aggregated into a single set of panel predictions showing one month, two year and five year mortgage rate estimates.

Will Becker, founder and chief executive of TotallyMoney, said: “The future direction of the mortgage market is a hugely important element of the largest financial decision most of us will make.

“Yet it has been hard for consumers to form a coherent picture of where the market is going, whether to fix or float, whether to remortgage now or wait.

“Our aim is to produce the first truly informed prediction of rate movements in the UK mortgage market.

“We believe our rate prediction will be more accurate more often than any single source.”

Results are published monthly and TotallyMoney will also publish average rate movements in a range of mortgage sub-categories.

The latest Mortgage rate predictions are available at TotallyMoney