TMA offers Virgin Money exclusives

Products include a 3.15% 5-year fixed rate up to 65% LTV with an £895 product fee and £99 fee.

Also available is a 3.99% 5-year fix to 85% LTV with an £895 product fee and £99 application fee, while for purchases there is £300 cashback

Its buy-to-let exclusives products stand at 2.69% on a 2-year fix to 65% LTV and 3.14% on a 3-year fix to 65% LTV, both with a £1,595 product fee and a £99 application fee.

Lauren Bagley, marketing manager at TMA, said: “Virgin Money has provided us with some of the best rates available in the market for our DAs. In return we are making these available for the advisers who have shown us loyalty over the last six months.

“TMA relaunched and rebranded earlier in the summer and our ethos is very much about rewarding loyalty and being the club that gives something back. The Virgin Money exclusives are just one way for us to do that. ”

The Virgin Money exclusives will also be available to appointed representatives of Pink and First Complete.