SPECIAL FEATURE: Auction finance opportunities

When it comes to sourcing investments, auctions are often the best place to find great opportunities.

However, as is often the case, issues such as insufficient funds and other restrictions often hold back investors from being able to make their dream purchase.

Auction finance is a service provided by bridging lender Mayfair Bridging and provides the capital and opportunity for buyers on a short-term scale to invest more wisely in properties which have so far eluded them.

Granting a 28 day timescale is often the norm for transaction completions at auctions and, with the backing of financial assistance from companies such as Mayfair Bridging, it is ensured that deadlines are met.

Providing buyers with confidence and a first point of contact service, Mayfair Bridging’s auction finance services ensure that the purchaser has a secured agreement loan in principle which is sufficient for purchases prior to making an offer at auction.

Finally, as it is important that auction finance is available promptly, Mayfair Bridging ensure a one hour decision service and provide a committed demonstration to grant the necessary means to make a wise purchase at auction.