Property will beat stock market over next 12 months

And a further 65 per cent say that buying property to let currently provides a better long-term financial future for investors than pensions.

The brokers polled believe that property will continue to provide a solid investment opportunity for at least a year. This is despite the fact that rental yields for some types of property have dropped in central London, and there are signs that the current 20 per cent per year increase in house prices cannot be sustained for long.

Yet there is far less confidence in the stockmarket and in pension funds, with only 5% strongly disagreeing with the view of the majority. Commenting on the findings, Nick Clark of Homebuyer Events, the show organisers, said: "There is a very strong consistency in the answers, from people who know these investment sectors inside out. This is the strongest signal yet that confidence in property will remain high for the foreseeable future."