Podcast lifts the lid on Seven Families initiative

The campaign aims to use seven real families as case studies, allowing them the benefit of income protection, although they didn't take it out and ultimately helping to show the problems of dealing with disability and the financial challenges they face.

Roger Edwards said: "There's every reason for a huge amount of excitement around the launch of the Seven Families initiative.

"Naturally, there's some sceptisism of another industry initiative to drive the message and let's not forget sales of Income Protection.

"But, I'm excited because its success will be a true reflection of the relevance of the subject with the very audience that needs to buy this product. This campaign is reliant on storytelling and in a context that gets people thinking about their own lives.

"I'm a great believer that interruption marketing is yesterday's news.

"The fact that the Income Protection Task Force recognise this makes me believe that the Seven Families initiative will catch consumers attention and will resonate enough for people to share and build its success.

"It's widely agreed that case studies are the most compelling way to promote the need for a financial safety net and the combination of an extended insight into the lives of families taking part and the promotion that will go alongside this, makes it groundbreaking and exciting."

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