Nationwide cuts rates again

Nationwide’s new rates are available from Tuesday 21 June 2005.

Nationwide continuing to offer wah tit says is the lowest 2 year fixed rate from any top ten lender – starting at 4.49% -and has also reduced its 2 year tracker rate to 4.74%.

Nationwide’s marketing director, Steve Clode said: “Other lenders might tweak one or two rates to grab headlines. Once again we’ve shown our commitment to fairness and value by cutting the cost of borrowing across our full range of fixed rate deals and adjusting our two year tracker to ensure we offer a good choice for new and existing borrowers.”

For borrowers seeking security of knowing what their repayments will be, Nationwide offers:

- 2 year fixed rate available from 4.49% (previous rate 4.69%)

- 3 year fixed rate available from 4.69% (previous rate 4.89%)

- 5 year fixed rate available from 4.79% (previous rate 4.89%)

- 10 year fixed rate available from 4.89% (previously 4.99%)

For borrowers who believe rates may still fall further, Nationwide offers:

- 2 year tracker rate available from 4.74% (previously 4.79%)