myhomemove sponsors Modern Law Conference

This year’s conference, entitled ‘Managing Change in Changing Times’, will examine the workings of legal businesses and how firms can plan ahead.

At the roundtable delegates will discuss the impact of techology on conveyancing going foward.

Doug Crawford, chief executive of myhomemove, said: “The focus of this year’s Modern Law Conference on the future of the industry comes at a turning point within the sector.

“The modern consumer expects their legal service to be comparable with the best in service from other sectors.

“The challenge for many law firms is in adapting what is still largely a traditional service to suit the modern consumer.

“myhomemove have pioneered the use of technology in legal services for over a decade, and as we continue to innovate, we are keen to see whether emerging innovations in the industry will provide a catalyst for the mainstream use of technology in the legal sector.”