Mortgage Next offers ARs free financial promotions

Marketing director, Justine Tomlinson, explains: “Mortgage Next is now starting to receive an increasing number of requests from appointed representatives for financial promotions to be signed-off. This is good news, as there was concern in the industry that some brokers were holding back promotional plans because of the perceived complexity of the financial promotions rules.

“Mortgage Next has developed a number of pre-approved templates for advertising and letterheads, which are available free of charge on our website for use by appointed representatives. They are easy to download and AR‘s can then arrange for their logo and contact details to be added. This will make advertising a lot easier, cheaper and remove many of the worries about compliance issues.”

As part of the programme of website enhancements, Mortgage Next has also added an online decision in principle (DIP) facility. This will enable brokers to know immediately if a client’s mortgage application is likely to be successful.