Mortgage Intelligence launches online marketing support pack

The pack is designed to empower members to raise the profile, enhance the reputation and grow their businesses in a fully compliant way with help and guidance from Mortgage Intelligence. The process from design, proof and compliance approval through to payment and delivery all online leads the network to believe it is the first of its kind.

The marketing support will include an online brochure explaining the different marketing tools such as advertising and public relations along with practical materials such as advertisements, flyers and stationery which can all be ordered online. The brochure will explain how to implement effective marketing campaigns along with how to measure the success of a campaign.

Sally Laker, Managing Director, Mortgage Intelligence commented, “ We want to help our members to be more profitable so encouraging best marketing practise is key. Not only do we want to offer an attractive range of product propositions but also a range of practical support services for our members. At the same time we must ensure that the brokers brand and that of Mortgage Intelligence is well managed and protected as well as ensuring that all promotional activity is fully FSA compliant.”

The solution installed by FT Print, using equator, allows members to log in directly from the Mortgage Intelligence members website, where they can personalise their marketing materials with their company branding. They can view and order everything from stationery to advertising posters and flyers in the knowledge that it has the stamp of approval from the Mortgage Intelligence Compliance Team. FT Print will fulfil any size of order from one upwards to support the members’ marketing and business activities.