Mortgage brokers play a vital role

Of course that’s our view here at Mortgage Introducer, but it’s also the view of Andrew Hagger of, who commented: “The mortgage market and the amount of business being written may only be a fraction of what it was back in the heady days before the banking crisis, but that doesn’t mean that the job of finding the right mortgage has got any easier.

“There is still a vast array of home loans to choose from and even if you’ve already worked out whether it’s a variable rate or fixed rate product that you’re going to plump for, you still need to fathom out which is the cheapest mortgage for you.

“Unlike savings accounts, personal loans or credit cards the answer isn’t as simple as referring to a best buy table on a comparison website or in the paper, although some lenders still launch attention grabbing interest rates, hoping that it will be sufficient to win custom from those who don’t take the time to shop around or use the services of an Independent Financial Adviser or mortgage broker.

“Unfortunately a number of lenders continue to bypass the broker community and sell their products directly via branch networks or increasingly online, a situation which has hit the intermediary market hard.

“One of the biggest problems for consumers is working out which is the most appropriate mortgage based on the total cost, i.e. not just the interest rate but also the associated fees which can vary enormously between lenders and individual products.

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“If you take a look at three of the two year fixed deals currently available, you’ll see what I’m getting at, so which do you think is the best of these? – Coventry Building Society 2.49% with a £199 booking fee and 1.5% arrangement fee, Lloyds TSB 2.94% and £1895 fee or Yorkshire Building Society 2.99% with £995 fee.

“It’s not a two minute job to pick the cheapest and that’s the problem, it’s not a case of one mortgage fits all, the best deal will also depend on the amount you’re looking to borrow too.

“Having crunched the numbers, if you were only looking to borrow £50,000 then the Coventry Building Society works out as the cheapest on a total cost basis, however if you’re looking to borrow £200,000 then due to the 1.5% arrangement fee which would set you back a hefty £3000, the same deal suddenly becomes the most expensive of the three.

“If you’re looking to borrow £120,000 or £200,000 then it’s the Yorkshire Building Society deal that works out cheapest over the two year fixed term, but without access to a mortgage calculator it would be almost impossible to choose.

“When you consider that your mortgage is likely to be the biggest financial transaction you’ll undertake in your lifetime, it certainly makes sense to seek advice to ensure you don’t make what could be a potentially expensive mistake.”