MGM Home Finance appoints Legal Marketing Services

The addition of LMS, together with existing simple cross selling

features, is set to increase brokers’ incomes by £1000 per sale.

The integration of LMS extends the range of products that can be

accessed through the customised software that Home Finance, the

mortgage services subsidiary of MGM Assurance, has developed

over the past 12 months in co-operation with all of its business


Stephen Maskens, manager of MGM Home Finance commented:

“We have always been focused on delivering improved earnings

and reduced administration through technology. The addition of

LMS to our business partners now means that a broker can

source the mortgage, select a solicitor, sell life and general insurance

and produce the product confirmation letter without any repeated

data entry.

“We think that used to its full capacity this could improve a brokers

income by up to £1,000 per sale.”

LMS is one of the largest instructors of conveyancing in the UK

mortgage market dealing with, in excess of ,300,000 transactions

annually, enabling over £26 billion of lending.

Tim Sant, Head of Corporate Accounts at LMS said: "We are

absolutely delighted to be working with MGM Home Finance.

The fact that they have chosen our conveyancing and surveys

proposition is a tremendous endorsement of the services we

provide the mortgage intermediary".

Maskens added: “Many mortgage brokers looking for a host,

that we have talked to, claim to be shy of technology but our

experience is that, given training, a broker quickly sees the


“As an example, we have seen online life business transactions

rise by 100% in the past 6 months and most brokers now prefer

to access information through our range of free back office

facilities rather than telephone.”