Metro Bank launches online portal

Metro brokers can self-register and complete applications online with an affordability assessment to comply with MMR.

Richard Saulet, director of mortgages at Metro Bank, said: “The new online mortgage portal will make a big difference to our customers and broker partners, who will benefit from the enhanced technology.

“Most importantly, this is enhanced technology supported by a human touch, with manual underwriting continuing to be central to our offering.

“Providing the best in service and convenience to our customers is extremely important to us, and the new portal will help us to continue doing this as we grow.”

The portal provides instant decisions where possible, yet more complex cases are referred to the lender’s mortgage team on a case by case basis.

Customers receive text and email updates at key stages in the application process so they are kept in the loop.

Using the portal documents can be scanned and uploaded to the underwriting team, while payments can also be made.