Loans for Spanish repossessions

The mortgages, available via Mediterranean CAM International Homes, are based on the Euro Interbank Offered rate - Euribor +0.90 (yr1) and +0.40 (yr2).'s Spanish launch is supported by a Spanish-based, multilingual team, which has specific local and market knowledge. Spain offers prospective buyers:

* Over 4300 properties mostly centred around the popular tourist destinations of the Costas and the major tourist towns

* Local English speaking advisers who can assist with all aspects of buying from legal, banking and finance process to local information

* Finance from one of Spain's leading financial institutions

Robin King, director of whitehot property, commented: "Similar to the UK, the Spanish market has suffered an overall downturn. By offering mortgages of up to 90% LTV, whitehot property ensures that sales of repossessed properties are generated more quickly, leading to benefits for the both the buyer and supplier. Moreover, we aim to offer a more accessible mortgage with a less complicated acquisition process."