LendInvest target mortgage market

The medium term mortgage is aimed at consumers and investors that are disenchanted by the expense of short term bridging loans and the time it takes to repay traditional high street mortgages.

The 3-year mortgage is being launched in response to investor and borrower interest in a flexible and commercially viable medium term loan.

It aims to give mortgage borrowers a highly flexible medium solution to their financing challenges whilst also providing a strong rate of return to investors of around 5 to 7% net per annum.

Last month, LendInvest surveyed its investor base and found that there was strong demand for a 3 year loan – with more than a third saying they would like such a product, just behind those who mentioned their optimal investment duration was up to 12 months (56%).

The survey also found that investors expected property loans to produce the lowest returns in comparison to personal guarantees, loans secured against business assets, debentures against a company or unsecured consumer loans.

The 3-year loan is ideal for investors interested in buying a property, but who are also looking for an extended payback period due to tenancy issues or awaiting planning permission to renovate a property.

The loans are available via an online application on the company’s website and they will be secured by a registered first charge against property and comply with the same rigorous underwriting standards as all LendInvest loans.

LendInvest is also building in a secondary market to its platform, which will allow investors to liquidate an investment should they require their investment capital back before the end of the 3 year period.

Christian Faes, co-founder of LendInvest, said: “For too long high street banks have failed to provide flexible and medium terms loans to both investors and consumers.

“Our new 3-year loan, launched in response to interest from our own customer base, will help those looking for medium terms loans whilst also proving strong returns to LendInvest’s investors’ money.”