Knight Funding to package for Victoria Mortgages

Lesley Munro, managing director of Knight Commercial Services, said: "The traditional core business for packagers has been in the niche and non-conforming sectors, where we can offer brokers the benefit of our specialist market knowledge and access to the products they need. Victoria Mortgages has come into the market with some unique products – for example mortgages for unusual constructions and income multiples of five times joint income, all with no higher lending charges plus new discount options of 2 per cent for 1 year, or 1.10 per cent for 2 years, or 0.75 per cent for three years. We are very happy to be one of the few packagers that are able to offer these products to brokers."

Kevin Hillgren, chief executive officer of Victoria Mortgages, said: "Knight Funding is a well-established packager with a proven track record of delivering well-packaged cases and first-rate service. We are delighted to have them as part of our packager panel, and look forward to completing substantial levels of business together in the future."