Expanding Tenet plans acquisitions

He also revealed a 35% year-on-year surge in market growth as turnover increased by £20m.

He said: "We will continue to try and grow these brands organically but we will also consider the possibility of growth through acquisition."

The group’s financial report highlighted links with such lenders as Kent Reliance, Hinckley & Rugby, Metro Bank and the West Bromwich Building Society.

Greenwood added: “We want to be a recognised market and industry leader.

“We would like to see TenetLime continue to grow market share, and it’s already at 35% of the same point last year.”

It was also announced that a state of the art two-year IT solutions strategy was being launched.

Greenwood concluded: “I believe that the future looks very bright indeed for professional financial advisers be they independent or restricted, and that the Tenet group are in an excellent position to take full advantage of the opportunities in the coming year.

I also believe that the bigger can be achieved if we all work together, and that together we can build a better future.”