Exeter Family Friendly launches online calculator

Mike O’Brien, head of sales and marketing at Exeter Family Friendly, said: “Many consumers are blind to the financial mess they could end up in if they were unable to work as a result of ill health.

“We see it as our role to help advisers change this worrying situation.

“Our new calculator is a simple tool that captures information on income, expenditure and sick pay; to give a 12-month snapshot of a client’s finances if ill-health stopped them from working.

“The results are sure to be shocking to many, revealing a huge gap and a large financial hole to climb out of, unless income protection is put in place.

“This isn’t complicated; just a simple five minute exercise for advisers to help them display visually how vital this product really is.”

The launch of the Financial Forecast Calculator is the latest in a long line of developments to help advisers grow their sales of income protection.