EXCLUSIVE: Frank Eve sells TCF Info

Eve is a pioneer in the market and has sold several firms over the years. He famously sold Flexi-Mortgages to eLoan then bought it back for a quid then sold it again. In the mid-2000s he was the key facilitator in the sale of distributor National Guarantee to G-Mac RFC for millions and helped sell Screen Business to Avello, now Ires. He also helped float First Active, which was Mortgage Trust.

BEP Financial Systems is a consultancy business that has worked for a range of clients including Santander and Blemain.

Frank Eve said: “This is a win win for the industry. The market will continue to receive all the relevant Treating Customers Fairly information primarily for free and it opens the industry door to BEPFS.

“For me this gives me a lot of satisfaction. What was an industry led initiative [TCF Info] since 2006 now has a real home and can continue to develop new services to the broker – especially in light of MMR – and still provide fair treatment to customers.”

Chris Little, managing director of BEP Financial Systems, said: “We’re a financial consultancy business and this gives us an open door into the world of mortgages. We employ a range of experts that can help across all fields and we want to get them out there - the timing of this acquisition is right in a growing market.”