Countrywide’s trainees qualify

Countrywide launched its training programme in October 2013 to address the increasing need for surveyors to complete valuations and assessments after the housing market picked up.

Paul Wareham, director of field operations, said: “I am absolutely delighted to report that all of our trainees are qualified associates of RICS.

“The level of success we have achieved during this programme is not only testament to the sheer hard work and determination of the trainees themselves but also the quality of the training.

“It’s great to see all our trainees working in the field and spread across a wide geographic area, predominantly in the South East and London but also in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“We know they will have a positive impact on the business as the market improves and we look forward to seeing their careers develop.”

Trainees were mentored by experienced surveyors as part of the programme, while qualified trainees will still be assessed by Countrywide’s specific competency framework.