Brilliant Solutions launches 1.75pc exclusive

The deals start at only 1.75% and are available exclusively through Brilliant.

Matthew Arena, managing director of Brilliant, said: “This deal is available to any Directly Authorised broker through our club and any network broker that we have a relationship with.

“It’s a fantastic product and the remortgage deals even come with free legal’s and free valuations so it certainly turned heads in the office before the launch.

“Our congratulations go to Furness Building Society which has done a great job delivering these deals to the intermediary market.”

The mortgage deals, which are available for purchase and remortgage, are accessible by brokers through an exclusively limited route which includes Brilliant Solutions and only two other businesses.

The product range has a maximum LTV of 70% and consists of 2 year SVR discount deals. There’s no catch either, the completion fee is reasonable too. The Furness will consider any loan size over £20,000, referring anything over £500,000.

Steven Bullock, product development manager at Furness Building Society, said: “We are excited by the launch of this product and thanks to our partnership with Brilliant to support our distribution of this range to the intermediary market, we are highly confident that we will be able to offer a great service to back up this fantastic product.

“Brilliant have been instrumental in helping our understanding of the intermediary mortgage market and we are confident that this range will be of real benefit to advisers across the UK.”

The product release is expected to be the first in a line of new exclusive mortgage arrangements from Brilliant who are using their position as a whole of market mortgage club and specialist mortgage business to provide a wide range of support to lenders, both old and new.

Arena added: “We are working with a range of partners to provide support in a diverse number of areas, not only the distribution of exclusive products.

“Supporting competitive lenders such as the Furness Building Society is one of the first steps and thanks to the Furness Building Society, brokers are already starting to see the benefits.”