Brightstar hails #MadeEasy rebrand a success

The firm features on the front cover of the February issue of Mortgage Introducer and chief executive Rob Jupp said: “We have been bowled over by the response from intermediaries.”

Brightstar has simplified its processes and communications and is helping intermediaries to fully understand the specialist market so they in turn can explain it confidently to their clients.

“We are definitely doing something right if the feedback is anything to go by.” Said Jupp. “With so many more applicants who do not fit the increasingly narrow criteria of high street lenders, it means more clients having to look further afield and they are naturally turning to the professional intermediary for help.”

Michelle Westley, head of marketing, added: “We have seen a huge increase in traffic and enquiries on our web and social media channels resulting in an overall uplift in enquiries by 22% since launch, compared to the first half of the month of February.

“We have also had a surge in new intermediary registrations and some of those have already become high quality introducers. It’s still early days but the results so far are extremely pleasing.”

“As an industry, we all need to do more to inform and educate,” Jupp went on to say. “The last few weeks have demonstrated that there is a real thirst for no nonsense, down to earth service for broker clients whose circumstances are leaving them short of options in the high street and which delivers the right outcomes, builds trust and increases confidence in our intermediaries.

“This is at the heart of the service we are providing.”