Bridging brokers expect volumes to flourish

Nearly half (47%) completed business worth between £1m and £10m in 2014, while nearly a quarter (14%) saw business volumes exceed £10m.

Alan Margolis, head of bridging at United Trust Bank, said: “It is clear that the positive sentiment in the short term bridging market has carried over from last year with expectations high for 2015.

“Barring something major unforeseen, and notwithstanding the natural degree of uncertainty likely to be caused before, and possibly after the general election, the bridging department likewise expects continued solid growth in the sector and for our business , although not necessarily at the same level that we saw in 2014.

“We welcome competition as a driver of standards and choice for brokers and their customers.

“UTB remains committed to providing high standards of service allied to competitive rates and products and this will be the basis upon which we will continue to grow our business in 2015.”