BLSMEXPO 2014: Malone: Scotland will vote no

Whilst chairing a panel debate at the Blimey Loans Mortgage and Finance Expo in Edinburgh Malone, a long term resident in Scotland of some 43 years, was asked if he believed it would remain in the UK.

He said: “The no vote will win. I think the yes vote has closed the gap recently and if I had to call it I would say it’s split 48/52 in favour of no.

“However, before the vote there are a number of sensible arguments for remaining in the UK to be heard. The status quo as it stands is better than the change from a business perspective.

“But with the vote open to young people, as they can vote from 16 here, then their input could be decisive.”

Malone also threw the question out to the panel.

Alistair Ewing, managing director of Blimey Loans, also expected a no vote and the whole panel said it would see things as business as usual.

Paul Brett, sales director at Masthaven Secured Loans, said: “From a lenders perspective we love the Scottish market. We’d be hugely disappointed if we couldn’t stay here.”

And Martin Reynolds, chief executive of SimplyBiz, added: “We’d see it as business as usual. Should Scotland vote yes we will adapt and deal with any new rules.”