1st launches latest iTrak version

iTrak Version 2.2, now has access to the asset allocation breakdown of over 9000 UK unit trusts, pension and insurance funds; the categories of which are consistent with stochastic asset allocation modelling and risk profiling tools. This information, unique to iTrak, is correlated weekly by leading adviser data supplier Financial Express and can be updated electronically by the iTrak user with a simple to use download wizard.

Mik Cons, managing director of 1st, explains:

“iTrak is the ideal front-end tool to accompany wrap services and when used in connection with Adviser Office, enables an end-to-end financial planning solution, integrating proposal, planning, execution and review in a straight through process, with no re-keying of data.

This new version, with the enhanced asset allocation data from Financial Express, responds to the feedback from our users, who wanted detailed portfolio analysis for International & Managed Funds. iTrak offers an exclusive service in the market, providing advisers with the tools to demonstrate whole of market investment advice to meet a client’s strategic asset allocation model.”

The new functionality of version 2.2 builds on the existing strengths of iTrak, allowing advisers to:

Identify an optimum investment strategy

Produce client reports, presentations and recommendations

Provide regular client reviews with greater efficiency

Gain immediate access to FT Fund Ratings, Financial Express Prices, Factsheets & Portfolio Scanner

Automate portfolio compliance monitoring including time horizon monitoring

Analyse and build portfolios with data fed straight from Adviser Office

Benefit from an additional layer of remuneration

Paul Paxton-Doggett, national financial planning manager for Grant Thornton UK, comments:

"At Grant Thornton we are making a substantial investment in training to ensure that we have the most highly qualified financial planning advisory team in the country. To capitalise on this investment, we are also committed to providing those advisers with the very best technological support. iTrak is a key element in this. Its functionality will release substantial amounts of time that can be devoted to meeting clients and discussing their needs.

iTrak is a practical tool that provides easy access to consolidated fund research and to portfolio analysis. We will use it to rapidly identify what needs to be done to manage an investment portfolio to achieve a client's strategic goals. The asset allocation information, for example, allows us to easily analyse Managed and International funds for the first time. This feature, and the other capabilities of iTrak, will lead to significant additional value in the service that we provide to our clients."

iTrak is available as a stand-alone product for financial advisers and wealth managers at the cost of £125 per month. A variety of training packages are also available for groups or individuals. Existing Adviser Office users pay only £75 per month for the integrated iTrak system, which includes an Adviser Office laptop licence. Advisers wishing to obtain further information on iTrak can call 08450 681000 or go to www.itrak.co.uk