Two-thirds feel estate agents should do more to help with home moving

Just Move In has found those moving home would be less stressed, and more likely to recommend estate agents, if they helped with the transfer of utilities.

Two-thirds feel estate agents should do more to help with home moving

Research by home set-up service Just Move In has found that 69% of Brits feel estate agents should do more to help them during the process of moving between homes.


This includes helping with jobs such as informing utility providers with a change of address.

For 57% of people, having help in these areas from estate agents would alleviate the stress of moving.

More than half (52%) of respondents said moving house is one of the most stressful life events, with 44% of movers spending over 30 minutes on the phone to each utility supplier in order to transfer their services.

A further 64% said that helping with both address changes and ensuring value for money from utilities providers would reduce stress.

Having access to these services would cause three-quarters (76%) of home movers to use the same agent for future property sales, as well as recommending them to friends and family.

Ross Nichols, co-founder of Just Move In, said: ‘There’s no doubting that the vast majority of estate agents do a great job and play a pivotal role in the process of moving house and we certainly aren’t suggesting they must do more to remain relevant in today’s world.

"However, the research shows that by going above and beyond in areas that they might not usually deal with, they can not only alleviate the stress of moving for their customers but can also create a longer-lasting impression and increase positive word of mouth and repeat business which is arguable more vital now as the market picks itself back up from a pandemic induced lockdown.

"Today, technology allows us to seamlessly transcend these traditional property sector boundaries all from under one roof, and products like Just Move In allow agents to go the extra mile during the moving process without the additional leg work, much like similar products do with mortgage quotes, conveyancing and more.

"Not only can they provide their clients with a smooth transition into their new home where things like a change of address are concerned but they can also add value for money ensuring they are with the best utility providers.

"Not only where tariffs are concerned, but service and support as well."