MFS complete £5.2m bridge for offshore client

MFS complete £5.2m bridge for offshore client

Mayfair-based bridging lender Market Financial Solutions has completed a £5.2m bridge at 60% LTV to an offshore client who experienced difficulties raising finance through traditional methods in order to clear their debt with an existing lender as they live abroad.

A broker approached MFS on behalf of a client who required funds urgently to clear an existing debt on a prime central London investment property.  The property – which had a market value of £8.7m – was listed for sale and, at the time of the enquiry, was garnering strong interest from potential buyers.

Paresh Raja, chief executive of Market Financial Solutions, said: “As a bridging loan provider that regularly works with international high net worths, and brokers who have such clients, Market Financial Solutions understands the unique challenges facing foreign investors within the UK property market.

“This recent case highlights this point. For foreign buyers – who are evidently still keen to pursue bricks and mortar opportunities in the UK – it is vital that brokers and lenders take a bespoke approach to delivering short-term finance.

“Due to the unique challenges they face and investment portfolios they hold, international high net worths require a tailored approach when it comes to securing credit, and this is what sets bridging apart from mortgages.”

The client’s current facility was close to being called in and only a very quick completion on the London property would enable them to avoid being penalised and charged for late repayment.

MFS instructed a valuer to complete a report on the investment within 24 hours. Simultaneously, MFS’ solicitors were engaged to start the legal process and to ensure the transaction was conducted without delay.

It was agreed that the exit was the sale of the security property, which was already attracting significant attention.

The case comes as figures show that, in the year to May 2018, non-UK residents acquired 2,162 properties in London alone, which had a combined value of £2bn– this was up from £1.65bn in the preceding 12 months.

Meanwhile, separate data shows that more than half the prime central London real estate acquired in 2017 was purchased by foreign buyers.