Incentives for brokers referring commercial clients is offering brokers and introducers an additional income stream by referring business clients to their platform to find commercial funders.

Clients are charged a 2% fee upon successful completion of a funding arrangement. Findcommercial funding will then split the fees with the referrer.

Other highlights of the scheme include paying adviser businesses £45 every time a client lists a funding request and a transparent online statement that is prepared independently by Campbell Dallas CA.

Financial advisers who register on the site will remain in the database and be linked to commercial clients when the clients are asked who referred them. From that point on, a proportion of the fees will go to the financial adviser offering a potential long term source of income.

Patrick McCawley, managing director of Find Commercial Funding, said: “Commercial brokers are having problems finding deals and we intend to solve this problem. Financial advisers encounter appropriate clients looking for business funding frequently however they don’t typically have the contacts to the relevant financial brokers.

“We intend to bridge this gap by incentivising brokers to refer to us their clients so commercial brokers can find us their deal. In return they will receive a commission not just on a single completion but on every completion that client then goes on to make. Brokers can find a long term source of income in this way.”