Hope Capital expands team

The short-term bridging finance company has expanded by more than 1,100% since 2011 and Baker is tasked with continuing its upward trajectory.

Baker has 20 years’ of experience in the bridging finance industry as a broker and senior business development manager for several highly respected bridging finance houses.

Jonathan Sealey, chief executive officer of Hope Capital, said: “Brian has a very impressive history in the bridging industry and a formidable track record of achievement.

“Our aim is that he helps to grow Hope Capital through achieving the aims and objectives of all of the brokers and clients who work with us.”

As a broker Baker concentrated on short-term property finance before he was head hunted by one of his panel lenders to join them in 2000.

He increased his lenders’ loan book by over 300% before he returned to broking and private investor funding in 2008, running his own firm directly prior to joining Hope Capital.

Baker said: “It is rare that someone gets the opportunity to work with a firm that is growing so rapidly and which also wants to do things in the right way.

“My aim is to help brokers from both ends of the spectrum to meet the needs of their clients for whom bridging is the optimum answer and to make sure that it is executed as quickly and efficiently as possible.”