BFS surpasses £110m of lending

According to the firm, average growth is typically 30% year-on-year, however, it has recorded 88% in the 2021 year to date. 

BFS surpasses £110m of lending

Bridging Finance Solutions (BFS) has exceeded a record £110m of lending.


According to the firm, its average growth is typically 30% year-on-year; however, it has recorded 88% in the 2021 year to date.

Lee Gilmore, head of business development at Bridging Finance Solutions, said: “BFS has grown steadily and organically during the past 15 years. Growth has really ramped up during the past six months and we’ve lent in excess of £10m in this period alone.

“Having analysed lending patterns, we believe this is due to several factors.

"We’ve increased our geographical coverage and engaged with more clients in the south of the country, where deals are typically larger; we are finalising more development deals; we are also structuring deals in such a way that they are more appealing to a broader audience.

“We are receiving new enquires from new customers every day.

"Activity within the property market shows no signs of waning and interest in complex or challenging property deals is intensifying as more people are looking to find projects with potential to realise strong yields.

“We expect this upward trend to continue for the remainder of 2021."