Top tips for obtaining clients in uncertain times

Did you know it’s five to 25 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one?

Top tips for obtaining clients in uncertain times

Rameez Zafar (pictured), chief executive and co-founder,

It’s easy to say you need more clients, but it’s another thing to actually obtain them. In these uncertain times, I thought it may be useful to share some tips to help you along your way.

  1. Use a post-completion check-in call to get referrals and testimonials.

We all know customer referrals is the best way to get more leads. Unfortunately, when the case load piles up, advisers often forget to ask for this.

Use a post-completion check-in call as an effective way to ask if your happy customers know anyone in need of advice. It’s also a great chance to get a testimonial. Use this on your website, emails and any promotional material that you’ve had done.

  1. Use a CRM to track your efforts and stay organised

Relationships need to be managed efficiently to encourage repeat purchases and referrals. Like it or lump it we’re well into the digital age. Your business needs to evolve with your customer expectations. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to meet their needs and lose out on current and future business.

If you don’t track your customers, you won’t know how effective your strategies are, which makes poor planning for future efforts to deliver on business revenue targets. Invest in a CRM, and you’ll be able to make data-driven decisions that will more likely get backing from senior management and produce results.

  1. Make sure you keep in touch with your current clients, so they think of you when they want to remortgage.

One of the biggest rumours in sales:

“I need more leads to hit my revenue targets.”

Did you know it’s five to 25 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one?

Acquiring a new customer means paying introducer fees of 25-30% commission.

Keeping your customers can reap you more rewards than investing more resource into lead acquisition. While it’s good to have a healthy funnel of new interest it can be costly to convert, so don’t put retention on the back burner. Stick to quick wins, invest in retention and keep in touch with your customers before they forget about you.

  1. Personalise your communications throughout your client’s journey

Advisors are great at being personal during a case. You send each customer an email that’s obviously about them (usually to chase more documents).

But it’s important to remember that your customers expect this from you throughout the mortgage, not just during a case.

Customers are accustomed to personalised and tailored notifications that address their needs and interests, so why should brokers be different?

Make sure you’re making your clients feel valued with relevant content, sending them the right message at the right time. Keep things easy and straightforward too. Don’t make understanding mortgages complicated for your clients as they’ll soon lose interest.

Look out for my next three tips.