How I became a broker – Paul Seed's story

'Plan B' works out well for former production and technical manager

How I became a broker – Paul Seed's story

In an industry often marked by its complexities, Paul Seed’s journey serves as an inspiring reminder that with determination, adaptability, and a genuine desire to help others, one can turn any challenge into an opportunity for success.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Seed (pictured) managed the technical and operational aspects of a major UK theatre chain. However, as the pandemic reshaped the world, it also steered his career in an unexpected direction. While many faced job uncertainties, Seed retained his position but started contemplating a more stable and fulfilling career path.

Getting into the industry

Inspired by his wife’s long-standing career in mortgage compliance and motivated by a friendly challenge to surpass her in the CeMAP exams, Seed embarked on a journey that would soon redefine his professional life.

“Six months later, I’d passed my exams, got the business plan together and was given a chance with 1st Call 4 Mortgages,” Seed recounted.

His transition was not without its challenges, but his background in IT and problem-solving proved invaluable. By setting up his own systems and marketing strategies, Seed generated a steady stream of enquiries, establishing a robust client base with minimal cost.

“After the first year of learning the trade and having the passion for a challenge in complex cases – particularly adverse, where help is so desperately needed for buyers who are rejected elsewhere, it became clear that there was merit in giving up the day job to focus on the mortgage and protection side.

“So I handed my notice in, and became a fullti me mortgage and protection adviser.”

Three years into his new career, what started as a contingency plan has become Seed’s primary passion. “The Plan B is now Plan A!” he said.

Motivation to continue as a broker

Seed’s motivation stems from his inherent love for solving complex problems – a skill that has seamlessly translated into his new role as a mortgage and protection adviser, where he thrives on tackling challenging cases, especially those involving adverse credit where many clients struggle to secure financing elsewhere.

“My main motivation is the knowledge that when a client comes to me, I tend to either find a solution where others have failed, or am happy to work with the client to get them to a position where they can proceed,” Seed said.

His dedication to his clients is evident, as he prioritises finding viable solutions over chasing high commissions.

“For me, it’s not about the proc – I’m never chasing the high commissions when it comes to if a case is viable or not,” he stressed. “I’m lucky that the other income streams I have allow this, but also, I’d rather we achieve something for a client that either wasn’t possible with other advisers because of the challenge, or the budget.”

Looking to the future

Looking ahead, Seed is keen on leveraging technology to enhance the firm’s digital offerings.

“At the moment, I’m involved in enhancing the digital offering from the firm – putting together a technology stack that can move the business and the client experience forward to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape,” he shared.

His vision includes not only improving the efficiency of his work but also making the mortgage process smoother and more transparent for clients.

“The working environment here also allows advisers to expand their resource and take on additional advisers and administrators within their own ‘pod’,” Seed said. “I am aiming to look at expanding the complex and adverse aspect of the firm in that way.”

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