How I became a broker – Michelle Lawson's story

Brokerage director shares career path

How I became a broker – Michelle Lawson's story

After spending many years in the travel sector, Michelle Lawson (pictured) took a pivotal turn when life presented her with a new role: motherhood.

Getting into the industry

“I got into the industry as planned but by accident at the same time,” she said. “I always wanted to do something in finance/business, and when I had my daughter in 2001, I took the time to study for my CeMAP while she slept, alongside working for Cheltenham & Gloucester on their Investment Helpline.”

Lawson’s formal entry into the mortgage world began with a trainee mortgage advisor position at Purely Mortgages. Her career trajectory swiftly moved forward as she gained experience in a local estate agency, eventually managing financial services for three branches.

In 2014, she made the bold decision to establish her own company, Lawson Financial, starting humbly from her dining room table. The business expanded rapidly, prompting her husband to join as an administrator the following year.

Motivations to continue as a broker

Despite the challenges and “stormy years” that have tested her resolve, Lawson’s passion for her work remains undiminished.

“I really enjoy what I do most of the time,” she shared. “I like the flexibility of my own business and I do love helping people realise their dream homes and seeing their rental portfolios grow.”

Remarkably, she now arranges mortgages for the children of her original clients, a testament to her enduring presence and impact in their lives.

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Lawson’s motivation also stems from a desire to initiate change within a stagnant industry.

“I am also a passionate advocate for what I believe is right and will fight tooth and nail for it for my customers, and a champion for change,” she said.

“The industry has a lot of work to do and needs a good overhaul and some true innovation as it is stale and unchanged largely in 20-plus years. I hope to be part of that in some way.”

Looking to the future

Looking ahead, Lawson has no plans to scale her business further but instead aims to maintain her close, customer-facing approach.

“We have a great customer base and trusted partners who both refer business to us and we have worked with over many years,” she said.

She champions more significant financial education, advocates for higher governmental prioritisation of housing issues, and calls for more streamlined processes within the industry.

As a female adviser in a male-dominated field, Lawson is particularly keen on fostering change that empowers consumers and enhances the advisory role.

“I have met some great people in this industry from all levels and all walks of life which I also like,” she said. “We all appear like-minded, so hopefully we will win that battle eventually together – results in numbers! Everyone is supportive of each other, and we all essentially have the same goal at the end of the day. We keep up the good fight!”

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