David Gilman

The run-down to 2016

It has tended to feel like the year took quite a while to get going

Service counts

It is so disappointing to hear of service levels which are without doubt, unacceptable

Secure the best advice available

The issue of leasehold properties has been brought into sharp focus in recent years

Back to basics

There is no real impediment to advisers developing conveyancing advice as part of their overall proposition

Take advantage of the situation

It can seem daunting but having an operation in the background to support and manage the firm through the process, from the point of recruitment up until that employee might leave the business, can deliver the extra confidence to allow the business to take that next step

MMR three months on

Brokers: how ready are your lenders for the MMR?

Why are borrowers quick to convert to interest-only?

Brokers can be confident about building societies