Office address: 7th Floor 60 Buckingham Palace Road London SW1W 0AH 
Year established: 2014 
Company type: financial services 
Employees: 125 
Expertise: buy-to-let mortgages, real estate investment, fintech 
Parent company: N/A 
Key people: John Goodall (CEO), Julian Cork (COO), Naomi Braisby (HR director), Chris Burrell (CTO), Paul Clampin (chief lending officer), Michael Lifford (CFO) 
Financing status: venture capital-backed 

Landbay has established itself as among the leading buy-to-let (BTL) mortgage lenders in the UK. It operates an online peer-to-peer lending platform where lenders can provide funding directly to property investors. The company’s mortgages are originated through a network of accredited intermediaries. It also holds partnerships with some of the industry’s major players, including Zoopla Property Group.  

Landbay is renowned for its customer-first approach. It uses advanced technology and expert insights to cater to the dynamic needs of the private rental sector.    

History of Landbay 

Landbay was founded in 2014 with the vision to enhance buy-to-let lending. The company's journey began when it issued its first loan on a three-bedroom house in Brighton in 2014. Since then, the firm has rapidly expanded, achieving numerous milestones. These include getting full FCA authorisation as a completely cloud-based company and managing over £1 billion in lending. Landbay's progress is marked by a commitment to innovation and excellence. This has enabled the company to secure its position as a distinguished name in the mortgage industry.   

Products and Services of Landbay 

Landbay offers a comprehensive range of mortgage products tailored for various landlord needs, including: 

  • standard properties: competitive rates with maximum loan values up to £2 million 

  • AVM buy-to-let products: automated valuation model for rapid offers and reduced costs 

  • 2-year trackers and fixed rates: available for both HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation) and MUFBs (Multi-Unit Freehold Blocks) 

  • products for first-time landlords and trading companies: special products catering to new entrants and corporate structures 

  • loyalty remortgage: exclusive terms for existing customers    

These products are designed to meet the specific requirements of landlords across different segments of the market. They also reinforce Landbay's role as a specialist in the buy-to-let mortgage sector.   

Culture at Landbay 

Landbay boasts a culture of partnership and progress. It also values collaboration and mutual respect within its workforce. This inclusive environment supports innovative thinking and empowers employees to contribute actively to the company’s goals. By promoting open dialogue and personal growth, the firm ensures that each team member feels valued and motivated.   

Landbay also prioritises professional development and social responsibility. The company offers various opportunities for learning and community engagement. This commitment to development and ethical practices aligns with the firm's broader objectives of sustainability, positive community impact, and employee satisfaction.   

About Landbay CEO John Goodall and other key people 

John Goodall is one of Landbay’s co-founders and serves as the company’s CEO. He is an economics graduate with a strong background in finance. Before establishing Landbay, he held executive research and equity brokerage roles, driven by his interest in marketplace lending. Goodall's leadership is characterised by a hands-on approach. He is also committed to fostering a talented team that shares his vision of service excellence. 

The rest of Landbay’s leadership team include:   

  • Julian Cork, COO: with a rich background in investment banking and a passion for financial innovation, Cork shapes Landbay's operational strategies and technological advancements 

  • Naomi Braisby, HR director: uses over two decades of experience in financial services and human resources to foster a dynamic and supportive workplace at Landbay 

  • Chris Burrell, CTO: combines his extensive software engineering experience with a keen interest in practical technology solutions to drive Landbay's digital innovation 

  • Paul Clampin, chief lending officer: his deep expertise in mortgage risk and operations ensures Landbay maintains its reputation for quality and speed in lending services 

  • Michael Lifford, CFO: applies his significant financial expertise from tech startups and marketing agencies to guide Landbay's financial strategies and growth   

The Future at Landbay 

With a clear strategy to remain at the forefront of the buy-to-let mortgage market, Landbay is set for further growth. The company plans to continue its investment in technology and sustainable practices, aiming to enhance its offerings and expand its reach within the sector. The commitment to becoming a carbon-neutral company and introducing innovative products like green mortgages show its dedication to responsible lending and environmental preservation.   

Landbay is set on a path of sustained innovation and market leadership. It is focused on meeting the evolving needs of its clients and contributing positively to the financial sector. 

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