Nick Kyprianou

Five reasons Canadians have little reason to fear a housing crash

One expert says market-watchers should keep their eye on a quintet of key metrics

Hoping for a change to B-20 regulations? Not so fast

Mortgage executive says that voters heading to the polls with B-20 amendments in mind are "kidding themselves"

How divorces affect mortgages

They say about half of all marriages end in divorce—whatever the figure, complications arise when it comes to dividing assets like homes, and determining who keeps making mortgage payments

RiverRock rolls out competitive suite of products

On the cusp of another high season in the real estate industry, RiverRock Mortgage Investment Corporation has some competitive products on offer.

Lenders hold brokers’ feet to the fire

Brokers are on notice—packaging complete files before submitting them to lenders is more crucial now than ever

Revisiting the '90s recession

The 1990s were a bleak period in Canadian history. The country was mired in deep recession and urban poverty affected a disquieting number of Canadians, particularly in Montreal, where 41.2% of the population lived in poverty during the first half of the decade

Trial by fire

Nick Kyprianou worked his way through Home Trust’s ranks, and the challenges he encountered along the way prepared him for his latest venture as president and CEO of RiverRock Mortgage Investment Corporation

Deft crisis management key to surviving recessions

The Great Recession may not have hit Canada as hard as the United States, but it certainly caused turbulence north of the border

Interest rate hike may signal hard times ahead

With debt levels disconcertingly high, there could be ramifications to yesterday’s interest rate hike

RiverRock Mortgage Investment Corporation announces new Vice President

The company is pleased to announce that Anthony Pistillo has joined the company as Vice President, effective today.