44. Hiren Patel, Affinity Mortgage Solutions

44. Hiren Patel, Affinity Mortgage Solutions

Company: Affinity Mortgage Solutions
Location: Ontario
Total volume: $90 million
Loans funded: 165

CMP: Do you think consolidation will be a significant factor in the industry this year?
Hiren Patel:
Yes, I do think a lot of small lenders will be consolidating to achieve economies of scale.

CMP: How do you think the industry needs to change to better serve brokers and consumers?
More media coverage from industry leaders and associations on why customers should use knowledgeable brokers for their financial needs, and educating customers on financial knowledge.

CMP: What’s your prediction for the state of the mortgage industry this year?
The industry will definitely grow by more than 7% to 8% market share compared to bank originations.