35. Rakhee Dhingra, Mortgage Savvy

35. Rakhee Dhingra, Mortgage Savvy

Company: Mortgage Savvy
Location: Ontario
Total volume: $96 million
Loans funded: 153

CMP: How did you navigate regulatory changes in 2019?
Rakhee Dhingra:
It all comes down to the power of relationships. We have evolved to ethically break the box and provide creative solutions to fit our clients’ unique needs, whether that be enlisting the help of co-signers or working in a co-ownership scenario. That deep understanding of the client’s background allows us to mitigate any concerns on the lender side and help our clients achieve their wildest financial dreams.

CMP: What can lenders do to help brokers achieve even higher volumes?
Our industry often underestimates the value of education. Partnering with underwriters is key to building a relationship with lenders, but the true value comes from what they are able to teach us. That educational piece is what drives business and sets them apart from other lenders.

CMP: What’s your strategy to continue growing your business in 2020?
If it isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it! We have found incredible success by genuinely investing in our relationships with clients. Business comes when you don’t force it. We are getting leads based on our knowledge, trustworthiness and our understanding of how to execute a deal other brokers can’t.