32. Chris Allard, Smart Debt Mortgages

32. Chris Allard, Smart Debt Mortgages

Company: Smart Debt Mortgages
Location: Ontario
Total volume: $102.84 million
Loans funded: 316

CMP: What was your primary strategy for growing your business in 2019?
Chris Allard:
My team and I focused on being organized and efficient. This helps liberate more time to communicate with our clients. Communication is the key to success.

CMP: Do you think consolidation will be a significant factor in the industry this year?
More choice means more competition, which means better options for borrowers. I hope we don’t see much consolidation of lenders.

CMP: What’s your prediction for the state of the mortgage industry in 2020?
Access to mortgage information has never been easier for borrowers, but it creates plenty of confusion. Therefore, I see opportunity for us as expert mortgage professionals; 2020 will bring another great year for the mortgage broker industry.