25. Kyle Green, Green Mortgage Team

25. Kyle Green, Green Mortgage Team

Company: Green Mortgage Team
Location: British Columbia
Total volume: $115.88 million
Loans funded: 315

CMP: What was your primary strategy for growing your business in 2019?
Kyle Green:
We grew our team and focused on improving our systems and processes to enhance the customer experience. This has allowed us to maintain volumes while many other brokers saw a dip in volume.

CMP: How do you think the industry needs to change to better serve both brokers and consumers?
The industry needs to do a better job of making the process smoother and faster for clients by improving the technology.

CMP: What’s your prediction for the state of the mortgage industry this year?
I expect that volumes will increase between 10% and 20% in 2020 as the market in many urban centres rebounds.