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APRA warns of price falls, "pockets of stress" in housing market

Regulator will "pay attention" to mortgage portfolios, chair says

APRA will 'sit tight' on further lending restrictions – economists

Experts predict that the regulator will put a hold on further lending curbs amid prospects of an early rate jump

Banks will have to hold more capital against risky mortgages

APRA's new framework to tighten mortgage capital requirements

APRA could ease new restrictions if interest rates rise

If rates increase, "then maybe there's actually no more work for us to do," APRA boss says

APRA seeks to optimise three frameworks to improve banking resilience

Chair reveals all at the 2021 UBS Australasia Conference

APRA curbs: Who loses?

As more borrowers take out high debt-to-income loans, regulators are stepping in to cool the housing market – but many in the industry are warning of unintended consequences

APRA ramps up serviceability buffer

The change will be more likely to impact certain types of borrowers, says the regulator

Higher borrower debt no cause for alarm yet – CBA

Exec says that while the bank is keeping a "close eye" on the market, the current trend is "pretty stable"

APRA concerned about housing market – but no regulatory brakes yet

The regulator notes an increase in high debt-to-income lending, but says it's offset by "other metrics"

No need for government to curb booming housing market, regulator says

Lending standards are holding up "pretty well," says banking watchdog