Brett Halliwell

Brokers’ point of difference

There are many ways brokers offer value in their service to customers, and white label loans are one of them. Those offering and funding these products expect the space to continue to grow

Brokers on Non-Banks 2018

In the royal commission lending landscape, have the non-banks come out as the winners? Brokers vote on the best non-banks

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Scrutinising the HEM

Demands on brokers are increasing as lenders drill down on household living expenses, but what else is at stake?

Brett Halliwell: Digital edge

Advantedge is making lodgement and settlement quicker and easier with these digital tools

Process, not product

MPA and Advantedge look at the technology making white label products easier than ever to write

Brett Halliwell: Shifting the goalposts

Advantedge’s general manager has long predicted a breakthrough for white label, but a rapidly changing market presents new challenges, he tells MPA editor Sam Richardson

Morning Briefing: ANZ CEO shoots down alternative lender partnerships

ANZ CEO shoots down alternative lender partnerships | Advantedge cuts fixed and variable rates

Why customer retention is crucial

Advantedge boss Brett Halliwell explains why your existing customers are vitally important to your future growth

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Meet the lenders who made our 2016 Hot List and are shaking up the industry.