Andrew Wilson

Inflation hits 5.1% - will it force RBA to lift interest rates?

Economists speculate ahead of May meeting

How educating borrowers boosts business

Top broker says helping customers gain financial literacy has become a key driver for his company

"There is only one solution to this and that is supply"

REINSW head on the worsening housing affordability crisis for first home buyers

Banks raise rates so RBA doesn’t have to

Borrowers potentially at risk as banks raise rates despite lacklustre wage and employment growth

Why the cynics are wrong about Australia's housing market

Australia is at risk of contagion from a decline in house prices, says the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, but Dr Andrew Wilson doesn’t agree. Here Domain’s chief economist, in conversation with MPA, calls out several flaws in the OECD’s methodology

Morning Briefing: no cash rate shocks tomorrow

Interest rates are almost as likely to go down as up, economist poll suggests

Morning Briefing: Australian inflation remains subdued, leaving rate cut on table

Australia’s consumer prices remained weak in the second quarter, leaving the central bank with scope to cut interest rates as early as next week... Improving Canberra a long time in the making...

Morning Briefing: Home ownership in sharp decline

A new report shows that entry-level properties are more expensive than ever and home ownership is dropping... Markets set to split as house prices grow, unit prices lag...

Morning Briefing: What next for the RBA after rate cuts are exhausted?

Australia’s central bank would favour a multi-pronged stimulus if economic conditions unexpectedly deteriorated to the point where it had to head into uncharted territory... Rental markets continue to move at different speeds...