How are you preparing for business challenges ahead?

Three brokers go head to head to discuss what they are doing

How are you preparing for business challenges ahead?


Connective director Mark Haron believes that, in light of the royal commission ­ final recommendations, brokers and aggregators will need to work on safeguarding the long-term future of the industry. However, despite having their commissions and ­ financial incentives placed under intense scrutiny, brokers are already showing signs of increased prudence with respect to potential clients and loans. They are demonstrating greater diligence by working ahead of the banks to avoid the issues that triggered the royal commission. According to Haron, while seeking loans through banks has become increasingly complex, brokers can use the situation “to step up and make sure corners are not being cut”.


Caroline Jean-Baptiste

Mortgage Choice, Fortitude Valley



“We’ve been aware of potential industry changes for some time, so this inspired me to look beyond broking. Speaking to lawyers, hairdressers, physios, tree-loppers and financial planners taught us how we could be more creative and carve out our message and look for ways to reduce our risk.


We wanted to be one step ahead rather than blindsided by changes. “Looking for ways to reduce costs and become savvier with our expenses was where we started. We have raised our profile and are educating our connections about the value brokers bring, teaching them how to look good to a lender and understand the lending landscape.”


Damian Medici

Loan Market Essendon

Managing director


“For us it’s business as usual. We put the client’s needs and circumstances first; this is the basis of all our recommendations.

It just means that we need to dive a little deeper into lending policies and guidelines in order to ensure we have found the right solution for the client.

“When you put the client’s needs and goals first, the market and the lending climate don’t impact what we do. It just makes us work a little bit harder for the correct outcome.”

Anthony O’Flynn

IFA Mortgages

Directing mortgage broker


“Our modus operandi will persist through the next fortnight and beyond: finding where there are gaps in the market and manipulating them in a way that our staff can provide an answer that others can’t (or won’t).

“If trail commissions were scrapped, it would ravage a lot of the post-settlement that brokers offer. “We will continue our mandate to provide the best possible outcomes for the next 30 years, protecting us from the added scrutiny that is bound to unfold, as well as ensuring growth through our greatest advertisement – our loan book.”